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Personal Information

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Please provide details of any qualifications held, in particular any places of study undertaken within the past 5 years.


5 Year Residential Address History


New Starter Information

Bank Detail

Office Use Only

Next of Kin Details

A. Medical History

B. Disabilities

C. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Uniform Info Requirements

Please select the relevant sizes below:

Jacket: S M L XL 2XL 3XL Other Size
Blazer (certain sites only): Chest Arm Length
Jumper: S M L XL 2XL 3XL Other Size
Trousers: Waist: Leg:
Hi-Viz Vest: S M L XL 2XL 3XL Other Size
Safety Boots (certain sites only): Shoe Size: S M L XL 2XL Other Size
Tie: One Size

Please sign below to acknowledge AK9’s uniform policy.

At AK9, the appearance of our officers is fundamental and the requirements of all our officers is that they are to ALWAYS arrive at work looking smart; this includes wearing appropriate shoes and having neatly trimmed hair and beards.

By signing below, I understand that the company uniform policy requirements are black shoes (no trainers) and dark socks.

I also accept liability for the cost of any uniform issued to me should I leave the company within 6 months of my start date. This cost will be calculated and deducted from any monies owed upon leaving.

48-hour Opt-out Agreement

This Opt-out Agreement is made under the provisions of the Working Time Directive (WTD) 1998 and as such forms part of your Contract of Employment with AK9 Security & FM Solutions Ltd.

  • The WTD Regulations provide that the worker shall not work in excess of a 48-hour week, averaged over 17 weeks, unless they have agreed in advance to do so.
  • With effect from the 17 December 1999, workers who sign an individual ‘48 Hour Opt-Out Agreement’, need not have their working hours recorded for monitoring purposes.
  • Any worker, who wishes to withdraw their Agreement to an existing ‘Opt-Out’, may do so after giving appropriate notice to their employer.
  • I hereby agree to Opt-out of the 48 Hour Agreement as specified in the WTD (1998).

    I understand that if I wish to revoke this in the future, then I am required to give AK9 a minimum of 1 months’ notice.

    Holiday Info & Procedures

    Holiday Entitlement and Annual Leave Procedures

    Key Points

  • Entitlement is calculated based on the number of shifts an officer works per week to a maximum of 20 days per year.
  • Employers can set the times when workers can take their leave - for example a Christmas shut down.
  • If employment ends, workers have the right to be paid for any leave due but not taken.
  • There is no legal right or statutory entitlement to paid public holidays. This is completely at the Company’s discretion.
  • Holiday entitlement is calculated on a pro-rata basis. Holiday is capped at a maximum of 20 days basic entitlement per year for officers that work a minimum of 5 shifts a week on a consistent basis. Employees not working to a set work pattern or a set number of hours will have an average calculated over a 12-week period. If a worker’s pay varies according to various sites worked, then holiday pay is calculated as the pay for the normal weekly working hours multiplied by the worker’s average hourly rate over the preceding 12 weeks.

    Taking Leave Building Up Leave

    Under the Working Time Regulations, employers can use an accrual system to calculate how much leave a worker has built up during their first year of employment. Under such an accrual system, leave is built up monthly at the rate of one twelfth of the annual entitlement.

    Overtaken Leave

    Regulation 14 (4) of the Working Time Regulations 1998 states that a worker will compensate the employer, whether by payment, undertaking additional work or otherwise, if leave already taken is in excess of entitlement. An end-of-year review of all officers’ leave taken during the preceding year will be conducted and the Company will be entitled to deduct the overtaken payment amount from any officer found to have taken more holiday than their accrued entitlement.

    Public Holidays

    There is no legal right to paid leave for public holidays; any right to paid time off for these holidays depends on the terms of a worker's contract. Paid public holidays can be counted as part of the statutory entitlement.

    Please be aware of the Company’s annual leave procedures:

    1. Application for leave MUST be submitted on the official Company holiday request form.
    2. Application for leave MUST be submitted at least 4 weeks in advance.
    3. Travel arrangements MUST not be made unless your application for leave has been approved.
    4. Only 2 weeks’ maximum leave can be approved at any one time providing you have accrued enough entitlement. There is no general statutory right to extend leave without pay. Unauthorised leave will subject the individual to the Company’s disciplinary procedure.
    5. All entitlement not taken by the end of the year will be lost and cannot be carried forward to the next year.

    I confirm that I have read, understood and agree to the holiday entitlement and annual leave procedures and directives as stated above.

    Employment Check and Info

    AK9 must carry out employment checks on all employees in order to meet standards expected within the industries in which it operates.

    All employees must provide 5 years employment history, detailing any gaps in employment over 28 days e.g. unemployed, travelling etc. All employees must also provide 2 personal referees who have known them for a minimum of 5 years. These referees cannot be a member of your family or a current employee of AK9.

    Employment History


    Personal Referees

    Yes No

    I hereby give permission for AK9 to contact the above referees to verify my employment history.

    Reference Authority Form

    Personal Reference, Employment Verification, Right to Work in the UK, Driving License

    Please read carefully before signing this form.

    I understand that employment with the Company is subject to satisfactory references and security screening in accordance with BS7858. I undertake to co-operate with the Company in providing any additional information required to meet these criteria.

    I authorise the Company and/or its nominated agent to approach previous employers, schools/colleges, character referees or Government Agencies to verify that the information I have provided is correct.

    I authorise the Company to make a consumer information search with a credit reference agency, which will keep a record of that search and may share that information with other credit reference agencies.

    I consent to the Company contacting the UK Visas & Immigration or relevant other Agency to confirm the status of my right to work in the UK, which may include verifying a Passport and/or identity card and/or the status of a visa and/or visa application. Upon request, I will provide my passport and/or identity card and/or visa and/or visa application reference number to the Company.

    If I am required to drive for business purposes and/or use a company vehicle, I authorise the company to verify my driving licence and accept that I will be required to complete a consent form to process the relevant checks.

    I consent to the Company’s reasonable processing of any sensitive personal information obtained for the purposes of establishing my medical condition and fitness to perform my duties. I accept that I may be required to undergo a medical examination where requested by the Company. Subject to the access to Medical Records Act 1988, I consent to the results of such examination to be given to the Company. I understand and agree that if so, required I will make a Statuary Declaration in accordance with the provisions of the Statutory Declarations Act 1835, in confirmation of previous employment or unemployment.

    I understand that some or all of the information I have provided in this application will be held on a computer and in manual records

    I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the details I have given in this application are complete and correct.

    I understand that any false statement or omission to the Company or its representatives may render me liable to dismissal without notice.

    Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form

    AK9 is committed to promoting fairness and eliminating discrimination from recruitment and selection practices. We will ensure that no job applicant or employee received less favourable treatment either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of age, race, disability, gender, marital status, religion or faith or sexual orientation.

    To monitor and audit the effective delivery of this commitment, AK9 requires all employees to provide information asked for in this monitoring form. This will only be used for this purpose and will be treated in strict confidence.

    The form will be held by the Human Resources database to help monitor the diversity of our workforce. This will enable us to develop appropriate policies and procedures in respect of diversity and equal opportunities.

    Disability is defined by the Equality Act as: A physical or mental impairment, which has a substatntial and long-term adverse effect on a person's ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. The disability could be physical, sensory or mental and must be expected to last atleast 12 months.

    Company Vehicle Policy Statement

    AK9 Security & FM Solutions Ltd recognises its responsibilities with regard to vehicle usage and requires all employees who are supplied with or operate a vehicle owned or provided by the company for use to comply with the following:

  • Vehicles are for business use and personal use only when authorised by AK9 Security & FM Solutions Ltd, this includes use by non-employees, and shall be in accordance with the details provided within contracts of employment. A complete vehicle checklist must be completed when a handover of the vehicle occurs, or in receiving the vehicle. The vehicle handover log or logbook entry used on a site of which the vehicle is placed must be completed.
  • Vehicles are only available to Employees who hold a full current and valid driving licence.
  • Vehicles should be driven in a manner so that fuel economy, tyre life and engine wear are maximised. Careless or reckless use of vehicles shall result in disciplinary action. It is also the user’s responsibility to ensure that it is kept in a clean and tidy condition and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Any defects must be reported to managers.
  • The vehicle driver shall be responsible for any prosecution, conviction and resultant fine whilst using the vehicle and shall notify AK9 as soon as possible. Accidents must be reported to the Police and AK9 as soon as possible. You will be liable to pay up to an excess of £250.00.
  • Vehicle users must not consume alcohol and non-prescribed drugs prior to, or during, the course of driving a Company vehicle. Infringement shall result in disciplinary action, which may result in dismissal.
  • Smoking is not permitted by vehicle users or passengers in company owned or supplied vehicles.
  • Consuming food and drink is also not permitted whilst driving.
  • Any health changes affecting ability to operate company vehicles must be notified to AK9 and the DVLA.
  • Vehicle fuel shall only be purchased as dictated by the Company.
  • Vehicle tracking devices may be installed on vehicles in connection with business requirements for security purposes, location in an emergency and checks on compliance with legal requirements such as speed and usage time.
  • Vehicles shall be locked and any security devices installed enabled when the vehicle is left unattended, without any Company property being visible.
  • Use of mobile phones and similar hand held electronic devices are not permitted and vehicle users shall comply with The Highway Code and the law by not using these devices.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times and vehicles are to be used in accordance with The Highway Code.
  • You and all passengers must wear seatbelts and all other available active restraints.
  • Drivers of hired vehicles being used for Company purposes are responsible for informing the Company of any prospective charges that may be incurred e.g. Congestion Charges/DART Charges and are to provide relevant vehicle information to Head Office accordingly.
  • Security Officer Competency Test


    In no more than 50 words, please provide your response to the following question:

    In each sentence, there are two words that are out of place and these should be interchanged for the sentence to make sense.

    Write down the words in the spaces provided.



    1. The altered of cabinet ministers has been number Altered Number
    S.No Quesions Answers
    1 The Security view of the overwhelming service is that capital punishment should be restored
    2 The company of the security officer is vital to everyone in this work
    3 A valuable team who knows his players will have a good trainer
    4 Of all our vital resources, water is the most natural
    5 She works out four times a week at a local acting and goes to gym auditions
    6 You want to remember the course and figures which you are taught on this facts because you want to hold down a good job
    7 Decisions are the concise records of minutes taken at a meeting
    8 We learn the meaning from words of a dictionary
    9 The distortion took place on an internal telephone and there was a conversation of the message when the bleep was heard
    10 The civil restrictions authority has imposed the aviation because of the huge increase in London air traffic


    Out of the four options, choose A, B, C or D to indicate the correct spelling or mark an X if no option is the correct version.


    A B C D Answer


    A B C D Answer

    WORDS :

    Supply the missing letters to form the correct spelling of the word. A clue has been given to assist you.

    S.No Questions Clues Answers
    1 Large rodent R___T
    2 Depart ____EA__
    3 Shaky or unstable R___Y
    4 Defence given by accused person A___I
    5 Everyday – ordinary MU__D___E
    6 Not very big S___L
    7 To pay attention _____STE____
    8 Factual T___E
    9 Official in cricket ____M___IR__
    10 Outskirts of city S___BS
    11 Midday N___O___
    12 Strong and durable L______G
    13 Pamper C___S___
    14 Leaves out O___I___S
    15 Quarrel A________E
    16 Illegal parker may have these fitted W________L/C_______S
    17 Short hairs on chin B_______T_____S
    18 Moistens W_____S
    19 To arrive at R______C___
    20 Courage – will power G____S
    21 Prudently W________Y
    22 Suffocates S_____TH_____S
    23 An amazing or wonderful event M________E
    24 Prospers T____I____S
    25 Filth D_____T
    26 String instrument B_______O
    27 To worship I_____L_____E
    28 Oiled _____EAS_____
    29 Discoloured or lose shine T___R_____H
    30 Young frog __A__P____L____
    31 Emotional strain T___________N
    32 Tapered N___R______D
    33 An assumed name A______S
    34 Wood Worker C__________R
    35 Post M_______L
    36 Period in which a person lives L_________T____E
    37 Disorderliness D___SAR______Y
    38 Taking neither side N___U_______L
    39 Fighting force A_____Y
    40 To put out a fire E__________H
    41 Flee R___N
    42 Sever __U__
    43 Assume P______E
    44 Cook of fat in the oven R_____T
    45 Dark syrup derived from sugar T________C__E
    46 Vital organ H____T
    47 Something that spoils the appearance D___S____GUR________N
    48 A tramp H__B__
    49 Extremely good S___SAT______L
    50 Stone worker M__________N


    What numbers do you see revealed in the patterns of dots below? If you do not see a number displayed in the pattern, state “Nothing”.

    Section one To be completed by the employee

    Your employer will need this information if you don’t have a form P45 from your previous employer. Your employer may ask you to complete this form or provide the same information in another format. If you later receive your P45, hand it to your present employer. Use capital letters when completing this form.

    Your details

    Your present circumstances

    Read all the following statements carefully and enter 'X' in the one box that applies to you.

    Student Loans (advanced in the UK)

    Section two To be completed by the employer

    Almost all employers must file employee starter information online at www.hmrc.gov.uk/online
    Guidance for employers who must file online can be found at www.businesslink.gov.uk/payingnewemployees
    Employers exempt from filing online should send this form to their HM Revenue & Customs office on the first payday. Guidance can be found in the E13 Employer Helpbook Day to day payroll.

    Employee's details

    Tax code used

    If you do not know the tax code to use or the current National Insurance contributions (NICs) lower earnings limit, go to www.businesslink.gov.uk/payeratesandthresholds
    Enter 'X' in the appropriate box

    For employees who complete Box A or Box B starter notification is not needed until their earnings reach the NICs lower earnings limit

    Previous Next


    Previous Next


    I declare that all the information provided in this application form is true and that any falsification may result in my application being rejected or subsequent employment terminated.